Fibre Safe have provided a short video showing the most common types of asbestos found during our inspections. This may help you to identify asbestos products easier however we would always recommend getting a professional to do this. For more information visit our website



  1. Asbestos is only dangerous if the fibers get loose into the air. That is a risk with many of these materials, but probably not all of them. Pretty sure you're not going to see any harmful dust escaping from bakelite, as plastic does not tend to crumble into dust when disturbed.

  2. Asbestos, the reason one of my grandfathers died.
    I was around 2 years old when my grandpa died of a form of lung-cancer due to asbestos.
    He worked as a sailor, going around many parts of the world. However, the boats almost always shipped asbestos like products.
    He didn't know that he breathed in the asbestos particles and he got lung cancer 15-20 years later.
    And when he recieved the news that he had cancer, it was already too late for him. There was nothing they could do about it.
    Everyday i pray to him, wishing that there was another way. But sadly, it was how it was.
    Life is so goddamn unfair.

  3. When I was 18, crews of us made up of new sailors called Tiger Teams, removed the asbestos from the ships we were assigned to. I was on the Tarawa and when we hit dry dock in Longbeach, Naval Shipyard, that was our primary job. We wore overalls and regular medical masks(sometimes). The stuff was flying all around as we tore it from the pipes, walls and ceilings during a 3 month period. So far I haven't heard of anyone I served with getting cancer from that type of work which occurred in 1980-1981. When I try to research it, all I find are advertisements for law firms. I'm a nonsmoker with no symptoms and passed extensive military physicals up until 2008. Maybe we're panicking over nothing because there were hundreds of us just on that one ship alone.

  4. Oh god, I live in Liverpool….which is merseyside, I'm still youngish turning 13 this year even, and I just joined the army cadets….the old base had asbestos in so we moved to a private school

  5. Good video. So called Blue or Brown Asbestos has a devastating lung clearance time. White Asbestos has a relatively short clearance time, the fibres are serpentine rather than short, straight and stiff. The point i am heading towards is don't live in crushing fear just because you did a patch repair on some 1980's artex ceiling a decade ago. Perspective is important. Just be cautious in future and watch youtube!!


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