Vermiculite was mined in Libby Montana. This mine also produced Tremolite asbestos. It is estimated that over 33, 34, 35, or 36 million homes in the USA have this potential asbestos containing insulation in the ceilings, attics and walls of their homes. Thousand of people are dying each and every day from lung related illness. Video also shows a case study on forensic dust testing of a condominium on 6-11-06 (five year anniversary of the 911 attacks) located next to the Twin Towers, Ground Zero, and New York City. The video shows the 911 Toxic dust cloud that contained mercury, asbestos, lead, glass, silica, firberglass, asbestos, and other airborne contaminates that contaminated the streets of New York City. The ideal name of theist video when released 5 years ago was called Asbestos TREMOLITE from Libby 300000000 people may be infected by Vermiculite Insulation. After the 9-11-11 the 10 year anniversary, the video name was changed to 9-11-11 Ten YEAR Anniversary Twin Towers Asbestos DUST CLOUD Vermiculite Libby Insulation. We also added the tag words, 911, 10-year anniversary” “Dust Cloud” WTC “Twin Towers” Sickness, toxic cloud, Tremolite, Zonolight, cancer, Zonolight, firefighters, first responders, lawsuits, death, asbestos, lung disease, pulmonary diseases, Zonolight, airborne, home isnepction, forensic inspection, dust testing, and Libby Montana. You can reach Home inspector Marko Vovk at, or at,

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  1. Hmm.. Just had a waterfall of vermiculite come pouring out of an attic into a room we were in. About 20 mins later I ordered everyone out of the house because it just didn't feel right.. Working on getting it tested now..

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  3. Fucking homo motherfucker states how dangerous asbestos is like he really cares yet shows off by flashing all the jewelry he's attained through wealth of asbestos clean up, hippocrit!

  4. Thanks for posting ! I recently discovered by shear randomness and while working in the stuff for two days that vermiculite was the original insulation put into my attic . Will be testing to find out if it does contain asbetos . Does anybody know were would be the best place to test vermaculite here in Canada ?? Thanks peace

  5. The Environmental Safety Company (EPA) estimated in 1985 that 940,000 canadian properties contained Zonolite attic insulation. If you are unsure whether or not the insulation in your home contains vermiculite, keep away from disturbing it till either you or a professional can affirm that it is vermiculite. Vermiculite mined as we speak to be used in insulation is from a supply thought-about to be freed from asbestos

  6. Wow I have worked with this product on remodels! Ive seen the same bags sometimes in the cavities! Ive also done asbestos removal as the "hot dog" who wasn't bothered by it making 600 a day! Ill let you know if i come down with something. Seriously. I should have done some research. I think im good though (lol)


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