If you’re selling or buying a home, make sure there’s no vermiculite in the attic. Even if it’s “clean”, it’ll be a problem sooner or later. See for more information.



  1. To get rid of it you can’t simply shovel it out yourself and lay down some other insulation. It has to be tested. If there is asbestos in the vermiculite, then it has to be removed by someone certified. Disturbing asbestos is what allows it into your lungs… go ahead and remove vermiculite if you’re worried about the price of your house, but do it in a way that’s not going to expose yourself to asbestos. Get a professional.

  2. I have some relevant stats for you.  I am the Trustee for the Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust. The Trust was set up to reimburse homeowners a portion of their cost to abate vermiculite.  To be eligible the claimant must show that the vermiculite came from Libby Mt, i.e is the Zonolite brand.  One way they do that is by sending us a sample.  We will then have it tested for barium (at no cost to the homeowner) since the Libby mine had a much higher concentration of barium than other mines. Approximately 80% of the samples appear to have come from Libby, which is consistent with the Grace market share during the relevant time period(1930s -late 80s).  Not surprisingly, where we also have asbestos test results they tend to show the presence of tremolite or actinolite asbestos.


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