This video describes the history of asbestos, from its origins as a “miracle” material to its threat to worker health and safety. It includes personal stories from those who’ve been directly affected and urges those at risk of exposure to test for the presence of asbestos and only remove it if trained and qualified.



  1. Asbestos is a group name for some minerals. Minerals with different properties. So you can not judge them the same.
    White asbestos was used in
    about 95% of applications worldwide. This is also the least dangerous
    asbestos. Blue asbestos is the dangerous asbestos. Luckily it was used
    very little.

    In the UK any asbestos are seen as way more dangerous than nuclear
    bombs. In the more practical USA they are not afraid of white asbestos.
    That is why they are still using it.

    The UK asbestos scare was driven by unscrupulous contractors and health
    and safety consultants. At this moment crooked contractors and
    consultants are going through schools with a magnifying glass, looking
    for any asbestos. Of any kind. Just so they can land another massive
    overpriced contract to remove it, at the taxpayer's cost. While in the
    USA they know it is the safest to just leave this bonded asbestos alone.

    Do not drill into asbestos, or do not sand asbestos. If you must, do it
    in the presences of water. Water will capture and nullify the danger
    of white asbestos fibers. Breaking asbestos is not a risk. Even if you
    eat it.

    I have been working with bonded white asbestos for 20 years, as a
    roofing contractor. Shingles, fascias, gutters and roof sheets. Even
    in the pre dust mask era. And I am still healthy. Plenty of farmers
    in arid areas all over the world still rely on asbestos tank and piping
    for drinking water. You go try and tell them it is unsafe to do so.


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