This clip from the 1999 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) video, Asbestos Managing Problems, Addressing Concerns, shows good containment procedures to prevent the spread of the asbestos during building abatement and demolition. Over the past 20 years, with more stringent US regulations in place concerning the use of asbestos and greater awareness of the health effects of the material, many buildings with asbestos problems were abandoned by corporations and left for the government to clean up. These buildings still present a threat due to large amounts of asbestos containing materials (ACM). Tragically, asbestos building materials and other products, such as brake shoes, are still being used in the US in 2008.



  1. @darester if your not wetstripping asbestos insulation its incredibly dangerous. Non notyfiable like Asbestos cement (Chrysotile) doesnt have to wet stripped. Asbestos Insulation (Amosite) does need to be. Infact in the UK if your caught drystripping AIB or Pipe lagging without wetstripping or shadow vaccing you'll lose your removal license.

  2. @Nazizombies97 alright… cuz like… we wer breathing extremly hard in that area.. but when we left ot go play another area… (not an asbestos area) we wernt having that problem! so… i hope im fine … after all… the symtoms dont show until at least 10-15 years after ur exposed… 😀

  3. One time when I was a coke dealer I took some asbestos pipe insulation from my basement and ground it up and bagged it and then sold it to this kid and watched him sniff it. I'm a nice guy!!!

  4. Rip and tear asbestos removal allows your employer to make huge profits. They likely bid the work as if they would use all the required procedures. All the saving (mostly in work hours) goes into their pocket and the workers lose out on pay and get exposed to asbestos.

  5. The latency period for the earliest asbestos related disese is actually 8-10 years which is Pleural plaque, a thickening of the tissue around the lungs.
    If your talking about mesothelioma, a cancer of the stomach lining then your right 15 – 40 years .

  6. can u explain more about that please! i was offered to do asbestos removal, and the payment is ver good… but can u tell me the pros and cons and what about the suit i gotta wear???? thank you bro!


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