problem with pump getting air bound, out side tank( cold oil ).tiger loop added to solve problem



  1. When oil tank is outside, the filter should be installed indoors which it is in this case, the filter bowl is what freezes when outside, so the problem here is most likely air leaking in through fittings or valve(s) or pin hole(s) in copper piping, or pinched gasket in filter or pump etc. Tiger loops are good fix, but usually only a temporary fix especially with oil tanks that are underground.

  2. Nice job Steve, on that cad cell, I keep a can of white or silver spray paint in the truck. I find that old durty blast tube don't reflect the light from the fire chamber so good. So a quick shot to brighten up the reflection helps. He is a perfect candidate for mass save early boiler replacement he'd get like $1,750 toward a new boiler being oil. I will be putting in a tigerloop today and I'm glad I checked to see if you had a video of a install. Thanks for the videos you post keep up the good work.

  3. I was always a Carlin guy even thirty years ago. That damper in the Carlin was to keep cold air gate air from flowing through the boiler and up the chimney when it wasnt running. They used to stick Carlin stopped using them and told us to remove the ones we saw.

  4. +1, your videos are awesome. I watch everyday. Lol at "let me do my job"! I'm a young newbie tech for a small oil outfit on Long Island and go through this everyday. Not trolling, just saying I was taught always eliminate compression and make flare connections. The eye I always check the ohms anything over 1600 will trip safety. I'm thinking of getting a camera also to post some videos of my calls, I just don't want to ruin it with oil(that's all I do) any suggestions? I WISH I had video of the target walls and cleaning the peerless JOT boiler I did this morning! I truly hate that damn boiler! Anyway thanks in advance and keep the great vids coming. -Matt

  5. Steven you see a lot of those Roth tanks around, but rarely see the hinged cover on the top Roth requires to protect the lines, gauge, fill pipe, etc. from all the snow, rain, and ice up here in the northeast. I have had my Roth tank for eight years now and it has been trouble free. I had to install the double wall tank being within 20 feet of a pond. I also burn kerosene, which seems to make a huge difference as the tank is outside.


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