ROSS Intelligence builds artificially intelligent tools to enhance lawyer’s abilities – allowing them to do more than ever before humanly possible.



  1. Enable a computer to adjudicate international law. The computer will be open source. When international conflict occurs, The computer will amalgamate all the peace proposals from around the world and provide for conflict resolution. All those implementing the computer’s amalgamation will wear the latest lie detector and mind reading devices so as to ensure the best choice of personnel. The computer will use the data from the amalgamated peace proposals to expand the law and or provide avenues by which rogue states such as the US can participate.

  2. Legal issues? Whew. I worked 27 years as criminal law paralegal; 17 years in a law library. I'm sure I could win out over this program; at least in criminal law. Legal issues are sometimes too humanly possible to solve or satisfactorily resolve for humans much less for artificial intelligence. It's only as good as the programmer. But it would be fabulous to have it work. I'm all for it.


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