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  1. My house was made in the 1950 and if you peel off the carpet, you can see some kind of grey-ish tile all crumbled and broken, when I saw it was dark grey I immediately thought "asbestos" but then I remembered my house was remodeled near the 2000's before I bought it, and I can't imagine them putting a carpet right over it to cover them up unless, it's just normal tile

  2. Shell…I have a home from the 1930s….from what I know, there is no asbestos in the structure. However, I cant be 100% certain. My house doesnt have a basement, but is on stilts and I have a crawlspace under the house. I was clearing out some old wood in the crawl space for about 30 minutes and aI started pulling out a few 3' x 5' foot boards which looked like a plaster-type material which started breaking up. Must have been down there for decades. It was pretty dusty down there and I was wearing a light mask(surgical type). I have no idea if it was asbestos-based or not, but I am worried that I could have inhaled something in the dust….how can I be sure it was or was not asbestos?

  3. I bought a home built in the 1890's. (Yes, 1890's, not 1990's) From what I believe some of the interior walls were erected around 1950 when the house was sectioned off for office use. The plaster on these "newer" walls is on some type of a backer-board, not lath. There is also insulation (paper on one side) in these walls. The house also has drop ceiling tiles of unknown age as well as aluminum siding installed on the exterior around 1960. There is a thin brown board behind this siding. Do any concerns jump out at you with the minimal detail provided? Any suggestions for a DIY'er without experience? Thanks!!!

  4. Dear Shell, thank you for this video.
    I would like to know what is the main source of Asbestos? 
    Does it increase  gradually?
    Is it live or substance?  if it is substance how is it formed from the house over the time?
    For example: there is newly built cemented building. Does it contain Asbestos? Where do they come from? Cement, Bricks, Sand or any other material?
    Early response will be highly appreciated?

  5. I am an antique dealer. I got a very old ironing board with cover and padding. After I ripped the padding off and all the dust went everywhere I worried that it might have asbestos in the padding. What should I do about it now?


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