. Rick Shapiro, a railroad worker injury/FELA attorney with over 20 years of experience, sat down with his law partner to talk about just how dangerous, and potentially life-threatening, asbestos exposure can be to the human body. People who are exposed to asbestos can develop a deadly, non-curable form of cancer known as mesothelioma. Rick mentioned that numerous medical studies have shown that there is no “minimum exposure” level in developing mesothelioma, so even just a brief exposure could lead to developing this deadly cancer.



  1. The research pertaining to exposure volume and fibre type in the context of disease risk is simply not clear.

    The reason a "no exposure" to any form is suggested is because there is no known threshold. Suggesting a "small" amount of exposure is ok is too subjective and would lead to people becoming complacent when dealing with the product.
    Videos like these (whether intentional or not) promote hysteria and do not nake the issue any better.
    The whole asbestos debate is an extremely lucrative topic. From Lawyers cashing in on people's misfortune, cowboy asbestos assessors and removalist charging like wounded bulls to remove it, govt representatives and scientists taking under the table perks from Asbestos manufacturers to push their agenda.

    If you haven't been exposed – do everything you can to keep it that way in your life
    If you have been exposed – register your exposure with your doctor, live a healthy, happy life and check in every now and then with your GP to remain updated on advancements in research and treatment. DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT LET THIS RUIN AN OTHERWISE AMAZING LIFE.

  2. Theoretically it's right that only one fibre can lead to mesothelioma cancer many years later but if the risk were that high than much more people would have died so far, especially private persons who have come in contact only once their life with asbestos for a short time


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