Disaster abatement using FoamShield to remove friable asbestos. The popcorn ceilings were removed with no asbestos fiber release as confirmed by TEM analysis conducted by a third party air monitoring firm. BilMar is a certified FoamShield asbestos contractor.



  1. this people are so stupid they don't know what they're doing first you have to put critical barriers on the windows and doors' vents you also have to cover the walls with two layers of plastic and three layers on the floor. one thing I didn't see in the job is a negative air machine and also they are wearing a hat and u can clearly see their clothes contaminated because the zipper on the protective suit is down. Also when the clean up is done the top layer should be removed and bottom layer which is the clean one is supposed to stay in place until final clearances so the existing walls and floors do not get contaminated. Sorry to say it but these people are endangering their lives and possibly contaminating the environment outside of their work area because you can clearly see that there are no plastic barriers on the windows, unless I am blind.


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