The Asbestos Awareness video has been made into a screencast for the purpose of YouTube.

Over the last year BPEC has been working very closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to develop an asbestos awareness video.

Mally Butters of BPEC said “BPEC wanted to introduce something different which captured the important information regarding working with asbestos and which could save your life while not distracting from the need for full asbestos training. We felt the use of animation would significantly help understanding.”

The information contained within the video is linked to the particular QCF units that contain asbestos, so this can also be used for classroom delivery when delivering the Health and Safety unit of the new plumbing qualification.



  1. the price of asbestos is stupid it was 5 grand just to remove a flue 5 meters high ok if there was people living there i would have done it properly but u can't spend that everytime basicy make asbestos cheeper to remove coz I'm 19 and i remove it when its outside out of my choice ( please know i would never risk it if there was people in danger i take it as my own risk as i just started my own business and i can't afford these prices)


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