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Regional Asbestos is proud to be Colorado’s premier Asbestos Removal Denver service. We are fully insured and carry complete workers compensation insurance. Our Asbestos Removal/Asbestos Abatement company in Denver is family owned and operated. We are committed to bringing you, “Our Most Valued Customer”, the highest level of service and safety to your project.
We have been offering our services for more 6 Years with experience in all aspects of Asbestos Removal from large to small jobs — we can handle them all!
We are experts at Insurance work and can bill the company directly for you. We can also help with any type of renovations or remodels you may have.

Our Core Values

Excellent Customer Service-
Customers are Regional Asbestos’s business. We must go the extra mile to give our customers exceptional value, knowledgeable advice about crawlspace repair, and work together to achieve their goals of having a healthier home and life.

Building Strong Relationships-
Trust, honesty and integrity are the foundations of strong relationships. We demonstrate these principles when we listen and respond to the needs of our customers, associates, communities and vendors.

Doing the Right Thing-
We strive to understand the impact of our decisions. We accept responsibility for our actions. We do not tolerate dishonest or unethical behavior. We do the right thing.

Giving Back-
An important part of Regional Asbestos is giving of our time, talent, energy and resources to our community and society. The Regional Asbestos team uses its time and talents to meet community needs through hands-on service

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  1. Ugh…so many issues here…
    1. Where is the flap on that entry chamber?
    2. Why is the entry chamber and work area the same space?
    3. If that work area is under negative pressure, that poly should be trying to buckle the supports
    4. The shorter guy on the right isn't actually doing a pressure test on his mask
    5. No gloves, rolled up sleeves = automatic dismissal
    6. Why are the 2 workers trying to work in the same area? There's enough space to spread out
    7. If I was them, I'd close that viewport…my environmental guy would shut this down in about 30 seconds
    8. No constant air monitoring?
    9. No water? There's a freaking tap RIGHT THERE!!!
    10. No shower. I guess if you don't have a decon chamber you don't need it

  2. Everything is so beautiful and neat but oops forgot one big boo boo as you perform prep workers must wear the same disposable white suite, glove and mask so I think you try to illustrate a proper procedures for asbestos abatement but just had a few violation plus if are going to remove VAT are your you supposed to keep this under a wet foam method which you forgot. NOT WELL ILLUSTRATED

  3. Why is the asbestos sign hanging while prepping containment? Is it a spill response? Wall poly needs to be on the wall above your cut line as well. That donkey dick sticking out of the window is not the negative air machine. The negative air machine is shown later inside containment. The poly over the cabinets are not called critical barriers. Critical barriers are placed over penetrations to the containment that would initially allow air movement, like vents, doors windows etc. your spokesperson for the company needs a few more Reg 8 and Supervisor refresher classes so he can speak more intelligent on the containment construction.

  4. 2000cfm negative air machine in a small room like that and the flaps on the decon and poly walls hanging straight down, no signs of any negative air here and no water. insurance scamers. 

  5. where the fuck are your gloves, full face respirators , I'm in the restoration business and what is your negative air doing in the chamber, I'm glad you put this video up so the epa can give you a fine what an idiot, lol this shit is amazing surprise your still in business 


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