The process of removing popcorn ceilings which contain asbestos



  1. I am considering having my popcorn ceilings removed. The home was built in 1971. What are the risk factors if I don't remove the popcorn ceiling? How long should you be out of the house once the work starts to finish? Once the work is totally complete is there a period of time you should wait before entering the home?

  2. Why would anyone want to remove a textured acoustic ceiling if it is in good shape? Leave it alone. Dispersed audio is a treat. Loud houses contribute to brain fog and fatigue.

  3. They've got plastic draped over everything. Is the cost of removing popcorn ceiling asbestos really worth it? I get it, it's your health. But all I see is $$$! is it okay to use a suit, respirator and simple floor cover?

  4. I'm a certified instructor in over 30 states.  Where is it required to install 3 layers of floor plastic?  Why are your workers wearing negative pressure respirators.  Were these respirators quantitatively or qualitatively fit tested?  These respirators are cheap! Why would I hire a contractor who fails to protect their OWN workers.  If you won't protect your workers, I AM POSITIVE that will not protect me.  Osha requires positive pressure respirators!  STOP EXPOSING YOUR MEXICAN HELP AND UNKNOWING HOMEOWNERS 


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