1. white guys dont know a damn thing! theyre so fuckin LAZY!!! They take their time and milk their employers! Open your eyes! have a quality control guy check on the white dudes seriously!

  2. Asbestos is a group name for some minerals. Minerals with different properties. So you can not judge them the same.
    White asbestos was used in
    about 95% of applications worldwide. This is also the least dangerous
    asbestos. Blue asbestos is the dangerous asbestos. Luckily it was used
    very little.

    In the UK any asbestos are seen as way more dangerous than nuclear
    bombs. In the more practical USA they are not afraid of white asbestos.
    That is why they are still using it.

    The UK asbestos scare was driven by unscrupulous contractors and health
    and safety consultants. At this moment crooked contractors and
    consultants are going through schools with a magnifying glass, looking
    for any asbestos. Of any kind. Just so they can land another massive
    overpriced contract to remove it, at the taxpayer's cost. While in the
    USA they know it is the safest to just leave this bonded asbestos alone.

    Do not drill into asbestos, or do not sand asbestos. If you must, do it
    in the presences of water. Water will capture and nullify the danger
    of white asbestos fibers. Breaking asbestos is not a risk. Even if you
    eat it.

    I have been working with bonded white asbestos for 20 years, as a
    roofing contractor. Shingles, fascias, gutters and roof sheets. Even
    in the pre dust mask era. And I am still healthy. Plenty of farmers
    in arid areas all over the world still rely on asbestos tank and piping
    for drinking water. You go try and tell them it is unsafe to do so.

  3. you guys are mickey mouse! all of you!!! that could of easy been removed using type 2 glove bag procedures . learn your shit and next time get guys who know what the F*ck there doing.

  4. What State was this in? I've been doing asbestos consulting for 25+ years and I never heard of some of the things in this video. Type 3? This would be OSHA Class I work. Soak it down for Type 3? You almost always use amended water for asbestos regardless of type. Negative air – pull out all contaminants and throw them outside? I hope not that would be illegal per EPA. 2,400 liters of air? It is usually 1,200 liters for clearance. 3 samples? It's usually 5. Again where the hell is this?

  5. Fucking A guys. That is how it should be done. I've seen some videos today of guys removing asbestos without any ppe, complete idiots. You guys are pro's, how did you get a job like that? thx

  6. Mag Med, you should have taken a 4 or 5 day AHERA training course describing the decontamination process. Take your ppe off in the equipment room (leave your respirator on), take a shower (this is where you take of your respirator), dry off in the clean room (you can store your boxers in there), and then step out and put on your street clothes.

  7. I am doing this type of work tomorrow. The three part cleaning part is what am confuse about. Do you need to have clothes on by the time u get to the last room? cause I heard that where am at the guys just come out butt naked, and go to where ever they left their clothes, is tht how it should be?

  8. The hysteria over asbestos is largely a conspiracy. The majority of people born in the 20th century are already well "contaminated" and there is no evidence that casual exposure to asbestos fibres cause any adverse health problems. Most non-western countries don't even know about the dangers of asbestos, and I've seen roofs just being broken with crowbars and thrown down, probably "contaminating" everyone in a five mile radius. Constant exposure, however, is a different story.

  9. A majority of the people that have lived in a older house or have been brought up in the 20th century have undoubtedly been near the stuff. Me and my friend removed asbestos flooring with out even knowing the danger of what it actually is.

  10. yo creo que el procedimiento para la limpieza del sotano esta muy bien todo sirve para concientizar a las personas que no saben que alo mejor tienen sabesto en sus casas y no lo sabe yo tfabrique una bolsa tanto horizontal como vertical para cañerias hasta 14 " para destilerias y todo para ver si en un futuro puedo vender mas hace dos años que vengo mejorando el sistema y creo que logre una bolsa ajustable a medida

  11. Everyone in that basement has been exposed to asbestos. The setup should have been done in PPE, and respirators. The whole basement should have been abated. It's not GLUE! Its called surfactant: polyoxyethlyene ester/ether.


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