A supercut of rappers bragging about their Jewish lawyers.

Edited by Jason Newman: https://twitter.com/jasonrnewman

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  1. Google: "The Kalergi Plan". They are simply the pets of the Jew. Why do you think they brought them to America in the first place? Just look at all the names of the slave ships and the disproportionate amount of Jews in the Atlantic a slave trade. They have been the traders of slaves since way before Rome, since many of the Europeans deemed slave trading to be beneath them.

  2. People thinking this is some type of conspiracy, Jewish lawyers are seen as a status symbol because they are perceived as the most expensive to hire. Usually those who use the phrase are hopping on the bandwagon and are posers (see Action Bronson using the term like 20 times).

  3. "Organic" is a made-up, unscientific label which has no link to the scientific definition of an "organic" compound, which is any which contains carbon-hydrogen or carbon-carbon bonds. This applies to the overwhelming majority of carbon compounds as well as pretty much everything and anything of biological origin,


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