A video shot by a local artist during his lunch break on his roof and noticed open-air abatement of material occurring at the Domino Sugar Refinery on April 06th 2013. He saw something, shot something, you be the judge.



  1. Non-friable frozen roofing is not a big health issue if the air tests are below limits. Boiler & Pipe insulation is were the hardcore % is. I have 25 + years in this and this is not a health risk.

  2. They seem like they are removing corrugated transite shingles. If this material contains asbestos, it would be considered a Category 2 nonfriable material. This material must be removed before a building is renovated or demolished. It must be removed wet and entact. Smashing the panels with a crowbar is not considered "minimal breakage". They are allowed to wrap the panels in two layers of six mil poly, but they have to put osha danger stickers and class 9 D.O.T. stickers on every package.

  3. The most important rule of open air asbestos removal is that it be removed intact; secondly, that the area be contained and wetted (repeatedly). When DEP was on site April 11 (I assume) observing, it this precisely what they observed your laborers doing? Hard to believe if they approved of this— unless your men temporarily stepped up standard to get the nod.

  4. Mr. Lombino, in the video there is no 'tenting;' there are no water hoses laying about. The first rule of open are asbestos abatement is removing it intact, so how can one justify the sledge hammers (as mentioned by Genia Gould and seen on YouTube footage)? The dust is flying and ultimately settling on the bikers and people/children passing below. These passersby are not wearing masks and gloves…

  5. That's correct and in addition, the crumbling and pulverizing of transite panels makes these materials Regulated Asbestos Containing Materials (RACM) which means those materials must go into labeled asbestos waste bags.

  6. There are definitely a number of apparent non-compliant work practices in this asbestos abatement video, which ultimately results with increased health and safety risks for the workers and the public.

  7. The video shows asbestos abatement, as required by law, permitted and done according to protocol. Asbestos removal is tightly regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Buildings, and FDNY, and they have been on site several times already and no violations have been issued. DEP was on site observing that very work on the day the video was taken. Air monitoring shows that levels were below acceptable levels with no exposure away from the work area.
    Two Trees Mgmt

  8. If this is prelude of things to come from Jed Walentas and Two Trees Management call a moving truck. To hit an asbestos panel with what appears to be a sledge hammer is criminal because it releases million of asbestos particles into the air. Thank you Jed, we'll all breathe better knowing that you're on the job.


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