Oscar Goodman is Mafia’s Top Lawyer Who Represented some of the most notorious mob bosses in Las Vegas; he went on to become Mayor of Las Vegas and shares his story in this interview with Patrick Bet-David.

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About Oscar Goodman:

Oscar Baylin Goodman is an American attorney and politician. He was the mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada from 1999 to 2011. His wife, Carolyn Goodman, succeeded him as mayor in 2011. Goodman is an Independent and a former member of the Democratic Party.

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  1. If you read The Godfather,, the novel by Mario Puzo, he deftly explains the concept of respect and how it is carefully managed and balanced. This is why all the "thank yous" and "please."

  2. Oscar is not telling the full truth. Look at the Teflon Don. John Gotti. He dealt with his neighbor for accidentally hitting his son with a car in their neighborhood. Some say he killed him and dissolved his body in acid. The Joe Louis story at the end shows you how criminal the legal system really is.

  3. Patrick always says he was in the military.. 1. It negates his Iranian-ist and makes him more american and relaxes his guests and 2. It makes his feel better about himself…ore confident to ask the next question.


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