Scene from Suits



  1. Donald Trump also went to Wharton…9 bankruptcies and hemorrhaging of the over 100 million dollar loan daddy gave him. I can ensure anyone reading this that only a fraction of Wharton students get in there on talent and smarts alone. Donald Trump is not the exception…

  2. Harvard undergrad > Wharton for ibanking. No one in HBS wants banking anymore, it is all about im or startup now. They are happy to leave the associate positions to Wharton MBAs lol.

  3. I used to think he said, "We didn't go to Harvard, we went to 'work'" which I felt was a great line because it means that while you were studying on how to do a job, we went and did a job. Which is a great insult. But now I know he said, "Wharton," I still love it because Wharton is an underrated school.

  4. In Grad school for finance, and i work for a bank. I'm looking to become a investment banker. My assignment last night consisted of Annuities, and life insurance policies. 😀 I learned a lot within an hour. Life insurance policies work like this. The Insured premiums are put into a pool on assets. When someone obviously dies or become a risk of mortality then whatever is invested in the pool is given towards that individuals policy. If i die, and i have 100,000 policy my burial expenses are coming from that pool. The knowledge of finance.

  5. Hilarious how attorneys think bankers aren't in any way obligated to be informed and trained on legal acts and regulations that are put in place on the financial industry. You think Bankers are just handed licenses and certifications to solicit securities without any training or any course study ? God, this is such a great clip, this is definitely something most bankers have dealt with, attorneys. Take your head out your ass Mr Harvard Law.


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