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  1. I just wanted to say, you really need to get to the point. I was interested in your channel, and I agree with your views and have long supported most of your actions, but if you want new viewers to stay than at the very least title your videos accurately as the few I've watched to subject listed in the title is never even mentioned.

    Maybe I'm strange, but when I click on a video, I except the discussion to at least include a little bit of what the title says the video is about

  2. Why aren’t you filing charges against all 3 cia operative proven premeditated false accusations and why is no Republican senator demanding this and why after it’s all over Grassley and McConnell have still called dr fraud a “credible witness” only ann coulter is calling for prosecution of the accusers openly when letting these accusers go free means kavannaugh family suffers for their vicious lies and no honest rape victim or male is safe—and the whimpiness of the gop senators to suggest kavannaugh sue them when it’s their job to prosecute —the gop and the nation will be the true losers!

  3. As of the day of my comment about this video, the video itself must be two weeks old. The title says, "Judicial Watch files complaint against Dr. Ford's lawyers." My quote is not exact but is close. There's nothing in the video about an alleged complaint! Was a formal complaint filed? What was the result of the complaint or is a result pending?

  4. Good. Thank you Tom. I want that ugly rat mouthed whore Ballzey Fraud and BOTH of her lawyers who KNEW it was a false allegation and went with it knowingly.Lock them ALL UP💰🗳💰🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀💥🔨💃🏼🍺👠👠 🛌🐀🚪🚪

  5. Everyone please stop making this Dem's against Rep's………The Bushes were as corrupt as any of them…….Reagon turned over the Central bank charter permanantly.
    This is the criminal elites fighting back……period.
    Trump will be draining the swamp of many republicans as well

  6. These actions by the new Democrat Party is right out of the Socialist playbook. If they ever get a foothold of power there will be a civil war in this country. Perhaps a violent one.

  7. Tom, I find your work so admirable, please be careful with characterizations that don't match the evidence. Senator Flake, who I personally detest, was not assaulted that day, as that would require some form of physical battery, and no one is alleging that. I certainly do agree with use of the word 'mob' to describe the behavior of activists on the Left. Thank you and Robert for all you do!

  8. I don't think we should be beating up Ford for this. She has some mental problems. Now… Her legal council should be charged for misleading her. They new she had no case. Sweatneck and Extortionatti
    Should be charged with trying to mislead everyone.

  9. ask yourself – is it normal for one side to go full insane like this? is it normal for the Justice department to withhold documents including the FISA redactions, comey-mccabe emails, Hillary Clinton emails, Benghazi emails, etc? is it normal for so many congressmen to not be seeking re-election? is it normal that the entire top tier of the Obama FBI/DoJ has been dismissed and/or demoted? is it normal for main stream media to not report on most of the stuff going on in Washington? is it normal that anyone acused of a crime is not given due process, and is judged by the media to be guilty without even having a chance to face their accuser? None of this shit is normal. We live in a strange reality right now.


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