(The music starts and then there are a few seconds of blank screen at the beginning before the video starts)

This is the title track from his ’83 album Lawyers in Love.

Sadly, someone else on YouTube had posted this video with a “different” audio track. I took that video and matched it back up with the single cut of the song. I hope Jackson Browne fans (like myself) will enjoy watching the video with the actual music as it was intended!



  1. I admit that my strongest feeling about the song was always that 'lawyers in love' was about divorce lawyers, but the rest of the lyrics don't agree with that. So my next guess is that 'lawyers in love' refers to being in love with money and/or power. Clearly the song is condemning apathy, and suggesting we need to pay attention to those in power. If there's cold war paranoia, well, this song came out during the height of cold war paranoia during my lifetime. Some people fear global nuclear war, and Ronald Reagan pushed that agenda IMO. But I was young then, in my teens, and not interested in politics at all – I just didn't want to die because some idiot in the US or Russia overreacted.

  2. Interesting song. The American lawyers were unleashed from their greedy bondage in 1981 as Reagan deregulated industry and commerce creating a beautiful Plutocracy for them to love and play in while getting wealthy and destroying many lives. . Mr. Jackson Brown, I guess I was one human being in designer jeans that heard the screams and strangled cries of lawyers in love.

  3. This video has absolutely nothing with the song.

    Space Ship refers to airplanes, not Alien Space Craft!
    Happy Days is not a show, It's thinking of Happier Days, free from the
    communism of USSR.
    Lawyers are more then just Lawyers, Lawyers represents all the people in
    the world that believe in truth and justice.

    There's more, much much more.  All I know is that Jackson Browne never
    wrote this song and has no idea what the real meaning behind the song
    is!  He probably just enjoyed the beat. I feel sorry for the writer of
    the song.

  4. St Paul The Great Gospel Evangelist must really love this song. For he was the ultimate example of a "lawyer in love". He went from the law of Moses to the grace of Jesus and spent his life slaving to "the strangled cries of Lawyers In Love". 🙂

  5. this song is relevant about getting older just as much as today as 1982! especially this generation of 30 something's lawyers or not! like successful fulfilled but yet spiritually lost stopping and questioning things philosophically! in a post modern super complex demoralized society! longing for love like everyone!


  6. A friend of mine ran the mixing board for this album. I've always wondered why the song 'Downtown' from this album was never a hit. Killer original style synth/keyboard on that. 'Knock On Any Door' is another good one from this collection. Only thing I never liked about this album was the way the drums sound. Not sure if that was my friend's fault or not!


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