Though in use as an insulating material for decades, asbestos has now been steadily replaced by other non-hazardous materials. Exposure to asbestos lead to various health complication such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Read more details here

Owners of old houses as well as construction workers have a high risk of exposure to construction material containing asbestos which might lead to health complication over an extended period of time.

Even though use of asbestos in Australia is banned you might still be exposed to some products containing asbestos in certain workplaces and areas. So when exposed to asbestos adequate care should be taken and you should take the following necessary steps to deal with asbestos:
Stop work and contact your employer and building owner to work out a necessary plan of action

1. Isolate the area containing the asbestos.
2. Wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment
3. Wash before breaks and before going home
4. Avoid use of hand tools to prevent dust from forming

We have provided adequate details regarding the various detrimental effects of asbestos and the general steps you should take to protect yourself.
So you will now be able to take adequate precautions when you are exposed to asbestos in the future.

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