Asbestos Awareness Training Videos

Video 4:03 ...

Mr Fluffy demolition plan excessive , asbestos experts say - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Mr Fluffy demolition plan excessive...

Workplace Safety Video – Safety Essentials | Safetycare Workplace Safetyfree preview

Workplace Safety Video: Accidents at work can have far-reaching, serious consequences for individuals and organizations. They can cause great distress and suffering to individuals...

Alan’s story – dealing with asbestosis

Visit to find out more about Alan's story and links to advice, guidance and support on asbestos. The JIB is proud to...

Asbestos Awareness – Clean, Green and Healthy Tribal Schools

Christopher (Chris) Maksimuk, Lead and Asbestos Inspector for the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8, shows where asbestos may be hiding in schools, homes and...

Identifying Asbestos in Your Home Training PPT YT version

Video version of our Powerpoint based on our Book Identifying Asbestos In Your Home source

Asian Ban Asbestos Video,Philippines

A video on how asbestos enters the body in Filipino language source

More asbestos, more asbestos! – The Simpsons

Bart Simpson and Martin Prince are running for class presidet. Martin warns class there are to many parts of dangerous asbestos in the air....

Working Safely with Asbestos (English)

This video highlights the importance of proper management of and safe working with asbestos-managing risks in the removal of Asbestos. source