Asbestos is a strong and incombustible fiber widely used in the past for asbestos cement piping, fireproofing and insulation. Employers are required to provide basic awareness training for employees who may have to work around asbestos containing materials. This program covers topics where training is required by various government safety regulations, and forms the core of the two hour asbestos awareness training requirement mandated by OSHA. It is ideal for custodians, maintenance workers, and others who might contact asbestos containing materials during the course of their work.

Topics covered also include:
•Asbestos properties and physical characteristics.
•Types of asbestos containing materials and their uses in buildings.
•Latency period and health effects resulting from exposure such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.
•Personal protective equipment and proper handling of asbestos materials.
•Working with asbestos cement piping.

18 min, 2011, Training Network
DVD $299.95

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